Something old, something new…..

It has been a while since I have put words to screen as opposed to pen to paper, but I have not been idle – I do not know the meaning of the word.

I have long enjoyed trying to  breathe new life into old furniture, at the beginning as a means of necessity as opposed to a hobby,  but  I have joined a wonderful set of ladies at an upholstery class in a village hall near Bury St Edmunds.  Each Wednesday we all meet and work away at our various objects and put the world to rights over lunch.  The standard of the upholstery is of a very high standard and a few could easily do this professionally.  It is so pleasing to see a piece of very sad furniture transformed into a thing of beauty over the weeks. It is challenging, very physical and very satisfying looking at a completed project.  I have so far completed 2 chairs and have become addicted to it. Watch this space for further projects – I have 4 more chairs waiting for transformation and a bit of tlc.


Before – red leatherette dining chair


After – Harlequin Spotty fabric

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Life is full of beanies

Happy International Women’s Day ! 

It has been a while since I have visited here but that does not mean I have not been doing anything, on the contrary life has been very busy.  I decided that I had to learn new skills to expand my repertoire and create new items to be bought and enjoyed. So while I was sussing out  a new craft fair by The Hare Collective at  Ickworth House (National Trust) at Horringer near Bury St Edmunds I came across a stall of beautiful crochet. It caught my eye not only because the needlework was beautiful, but the wonderful colours that had been used,  (much better than the revolting collections you find in granny square blankets in charity shops).  The stall holder was Esme of Red Sparrow Crochet who told me of her  crochet club at The Oak Barns pub in Bury, where ladies ( or gents if they want to join in) meet once a month on the second Tuesday to create, chat, drink and socialise. What a gem I thought, crafting in a pub – so I went along in December having first trying to get a grip of the basics so I could at least produce something while I was there.


Several hours  later and driving my daughters insane, I have made small flowers to embelish some wirstwarmers I have knitted. In addition I have just finished some beanies by following You Tube videos, learning at my own pace. I now need to add some large fluffy Black pompoms to finish them off. I have caught the crocheting bug now but will be back soon with more buffs in snazzy materials – Spots !


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More Ideas Than Time ….

This sums up my life to the tee.

Since last writing on here I have spent many an hour thinking of new ideas but also rushing around like a headless chicken trying to deal with my normal domestic life and trying to decide which ideas to put into practice and create new things.

New items have been added to the selection and to my shop on Etsy : and I have been working on collecting items for my stall to attend craft fairs.  The hunting for hessian and festive decorations has been fun and has helped me get into the festive mood which normally eludes me.



In late October I attended my first craft fair at Reepham Old Station and it was quite daunting entering into unknown territory.  It was evident that the rest of the stallholders were old hands at this and many brought hot drinks in flasks and many snacks for a cold day ahead.  The weather was not kind and the rain fell all day, but thankfully us Brits are made of strong stuff and many people came to have a browse around the stalls. Sadly there were no sales to be had but a lot of interest in the materials  I had chosen. I did have a very good chat with a local stall holder and learnt a few good tips and ideas for future events.


Thank Evans Above Design Stall

I have three events lined up before Christmas so I hope some success there and the interest I have received on Instagram will hopefully turn into sales. In the meantime I am looking into expanding the items for sale and exploring new outlets for my goodies.





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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside …

I have been busy making a variety of buffs and taking time out to take some pictures in interesting and varied places.  We have such a wealth of beautiful settings here in Norfolk it is quite a decision as to where to start. On a hot Summer’s day I ventured to Cromer to take a few pics.

The weather was amazing and ice cream was the order of the day! I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at Cromer as I had not been there before. The sunset was certainly worth waiting for.

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Rollin’, Rollin ‘, Rollin


What a day today. I received my first order and the labels are on their way!  Result.

I have been looking for new fabrics and visited my equivalent of a sweetie shop and spent ages trying to decide which fabrics not to buy – very frustrating, but fun at the same time.

With the parking clock ticking I decided on just two new ones today and left the shop already planning the next purchases .


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Just how hard  was it to find suitable labels for my stylish neck scarves ? I thought that this would be a relatively straight forward exercise, but not so. Having spent ages browsing  I have ordered some to see what the
y will look like on a finished product but they can take anything up to 3 weeks to arrive! In the meantime I will continue to look for interesting and funky materials to make up a variety of scarves. I don’t need an excuse to go shopping

label 1


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The Story So Far – Getting Buffed.

I have been busy making these buffs recently.  I originally  made some for my daughters who wore them while training on the ski slopes in Europe (and Canada) during the Winter season in 2015.  Their skiing friends asked where they had bought them, explaining I had made them they asked if I had plans to make more and so it began.


We have had fun looking for materials to make them, the materials had to be soft and colourful. They are lined with thick fleece for the winter but I will be looking for a suitable lining for the wearing at other times of the year.

I will be posting pictures of the ones I have made so far on my Goodies page and if you like them you can contact me via email and order one if it takes your fancy.


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A new leaf.

Welcome to my little creative haven.

For many years I have been interested in home crafts – sewing, knitting, gardening, cooking, furniture renovation and also interior design.  Many of these were inherited from my mother who lived in a “mend and make do ” era where waste was frowned upon.  I have dipped in and out of these as my everyday life has allowed.

I have two grown up  daughters who have or are about to fly the nest and so I will have time to revisit these interests and look forward to learning new skills.




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