Life is full of beanies

Happy International Women’s Day ! 

It has been a while since I have visited here but that does not mean I have not been doing anything, on the contrary life has been very busy.  I decided that I had to learn new skills to expand my repertoire and create new items to be bought and enjoyed. So while I was sussing out  a new craft fair by The Hare Collective at  Ickworth House (National Trust) at Horringer near Bury St Edmunds I came across a stall of beautiful crochet. It caught my eye not only because the needlework was beautiful, but the wonderful colours that had been used,  (much better than the revolting collections you find in granny square blankets in charity shops).  The stall holder was Esme of Red Sparrow Crochet who told me of her  crochet club at The Oak Barns pub in Bury, where ladies ( or gents if they want to join in) meet once a month on the second Tuesday to create, chat, drink and socialise. What a gem I thought, crafting in a pub – so I went along in December having first trying to get a grip of the basics so I could at least produce something while I was there.


Several hours  later and driving my daughters insane, I have made small flowers to embelish some wirstwarmers I have knitted. In addition I have just finished some beanies by following You Tube videos, learning at my own pace. I now need to add some large fluffy Black pompoms to finish them off. I have caught the crocheting bug now but will be back soon with more buffs in snazzy materials – Spots !


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